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B. J. Gerald

I was referred to Dr. Hoop by a dear friend that was even more fearful then I about going to the dentist. She highly recommended Dr. Hoop. Many of my dental experiences prior to Dr. Hoop have been ghastly. I’ve gone to dentists that were impatient and some with tempers. These are not qualities most of us look for in a dentist.

Pain or discomfort had always been a factor if “work” was to be done. And I needed a lot of dental work.

The office staff has always been very friendly and helpful with convenient appointment times. The hygienists are perfectionists, teeth look and feel great when they are finished. Dr. Hoop has taken care of all my dental needs with the utmost of sensitivity to my fears. My teeth and gums are so much healthier because of his “care”. He has put the confidence back in my smile.

Thank you to Dr. Hoop, thank you to my friend Missy for the referral.

Joe Rossman

Upon my retirement in 2005, my wife Pam and I moved to Pine Island. As with every relocation, we then had to go through the uncomfortable process of finding health care professionals that we were going to be comfortable with. My earliest dental care memories date back to grammar school and to dentists on a military base where my father was stationed. Pain and fear make up a big part of those early memories. During my adult years, I learned to tolerate dental care & ignore discomfort, but I often seemed to find it convenient to put off dental visits due to work schedule issues, etc. I also received some less-than-adequate dental care during those years, which helped to support my procrastination.

Shortly after we moved here, a new friend of ours, who had a similar history with dentists, mentioned that he had found a really great one here who was providing him with essentially painless service. As I recall, his comments were more about comfort with a dentist than about the quality of work provided, but I certainly figured this dentist couldn’t be any worse than what I’d already had experience with elsewhere.

So, my wife and I met Dr. Hoop and his staff and we entered into what has become a very satisfying relationship for us. Doctor Hoop developed a dental plan for each of us that would correct some less-than-satisfactory previous work, etc. and would allow us to avoid the dreaded “false teeth” syndrome. He also effectively provided cost estimates that allowed us to make our treatment choices wisely.

The dental work that Dr. Hoop has done for me includes bridgework, several dental implants (upper and lower), and replacing old fillings. His attention to detail, the quality of his work, his ability to do even the most intricate and involved procedures with essentially no pain, and his full explanations of what he’s undertaking & what the various treatment options may be are extraordinary. His staff is also first-rate and it’s a real pleasure dealing with them all.

Dental care is expensive, but the ability to continue an active life with your own teeth makes these costs (and the ability to savor a good steak) palatable. I thank Dr. Hoop for his fine work, and I would enthusiastically recommend his services to anyone.

Joe Rossman

Linda Togias

After moving to Naples, Dr. Hoop was recommended to us by one of our neighbors. The fact that he does both general dentistry and periodontics was very important to me. I have had both general dental and periodontal(specialty) work done(with Dr. Hoop) as well as Zoom whitening.

Dr. Hoop and his staff are very professional and truly care about everyone who comes in the door-for whatever they are having done. They always follow up with a phone call after a procedure-something none of my previous dentists did!

I recently had a crown done on one of my front teeth. I could not be happier-it’s perfect! Both my husband and I highly recommend doctor Hoop-to everyone we know looking for great dentist, with a great staff. We wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Lois S. Steckman

Due to excess wear and tear on my 6 upper front teeth, it became necessary to crown said teeth. Vi, Dr. Hoop’s asst., had been monitoring this situation and it became apparent that we could no longer wait. I was very apprehensive sue to too many factors i.e. pain, cost, time element and cosmetics.

I was fortunate, however, that I found Dr. Hoop and his staff. Since time was of the essence, Dr. Hoop immediately set me up with the initial dental physical. When that was completed, we were ready to move, rather quickly, into the first step of the procedure. We had a lengthy discussion of exactly what I was looking to accomplish. Dr. Hoop encouraged me to ask any questions, no matter how inane and answered them fully. He always gave me the best and worst case scenario so that my expectations were feasible.

I picked out the shape, color and size of my crowns with the help of Dr. Hoop, making sure my age, facial structure, etc. were the best fit for me. Because I had time issues, Dr. Hoop and his staff jumbled around appointments and were able to arrange the initial appt. within days. Kim, the receptionist, worked tirelessly with my insurance company to get the optimal coverage.

I was very nervous about the procedure itself, but with Dr. Hoop’s gentle chair side manner, and his assistant, Joanie’s cheerful nurturing nature, made a long procedure almost pleasant. The pain I was anticipating never happened. I left that afternoon with all of my temporary crowns, which were beautiful. I never expected the temporaries to look so natural.

Within weeks, my permanent crowns were cemented and I now have the smile I had in my youth, only better!

This entire experience exceeded my expectation in every way. I’m still in awe over how easy and painless the whole procedure was.

I cannot thank Dr. Hoop and his lovely staff enough for making my smile beautiful again.

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