If you are suffering from dental pain or discomfort call George A. Hoop, DDS at 239-734-7737 to schedule your same-day emergency dental appointment! We have Total Dental Solutions for every concern.

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For your convenience, we have a Fort Myers, FL dentist office and a Naples, FL dentist office – regardless of which one you visit, Dr. George Hoop and our compassionate team will get you out of pain fast and then get to work repairing your smile!

Signs Of A Dental Emergency

Because your discomfort could indicate a larger problem, when it comes to dental emergencies a good rule of thumb is: if it hurts, it’s an emergency. Some situations, like knocked out or broken teeth, are obviously emergencies. But here are some others that you shouldn’t overlook:

  • Toothaches, especially severe and/or persistent ones
  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Damaged dental restorations like dental crowns
  • Broken wires or brackets in your braces

What To Do In A Dental Emergency

If you are experiencing dental bleeding and cannot stop it, visit your local emergency room as soon as possible, then follow up with us for restorative dentistry options.

Because we may be able to replace or repair your knocked out or broken tooth, store any pieces of your tooth in a small container of saliva or milk and bring them with you.

To reduce swelling and pain, use a cold compress and an over-the-counter pain reliever.

If a wire in your braces has broken, wrap the sharp tip in gauze to prevent the inside of your mouth from being damaged or irritated.

As soon as you can, make an appointment at one of our dental offices so we can make your smile good as new! Our Total Dental Solutions are here for every situation.

Dr. George A. Hoop has been in private practice in the Fort Myers, FL area since 1991 and Naples, FL since 2000. He was inducted into the prestigious Omicron Kappa Upsilon national dental honor society after his graduation in 1986.

Don’t put up with dental pain – call George A. Hoop, DDS at 239-734-7737 to schedule your same-day emergency dental appointment! If your situation is less pressing, you can also use our online form to book or ask questions.

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Video: Dr. George A. Hoop on Helping Patients Who are in Dental Pain

If you are having dental pain or any discomfort, call George A. Hoop, DDS, PA right away, and our friendly dentists and staff will relieve your pain as quickly as possible. Learn how we can help - Don’t put up with dental pain – call George A. Hoop, DDS at 239-785-2027 or you can also visit our website to make an appointment. FOLLOW US: