Have you lost many or even all of your teeth? If you want to replace several teeth or get a whole new set of pearly whites, contact George A. Hoop, DDS, PA today to learn about your dentures options!

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Regardless of whether you visit our Fort Myers, FL dentist office or our Naples, FL dentist office, Dr. George Hoop and our professional team can restore your oral function and your confidence with personalized full-mouth reconstruction options!

Your Dentures Options

If you’re hesitant to get dentures, you should know that modern dentistry advances have made this tooth replacement option more comfortable, secure, and realistic. It’s just one part of our Total Dental Solutions.

At our Fort Myers, FL and Naples, FL dentist office, we offer a variety of denture options, including:

  • Traditional dentures held in place by adhesive
  • Partial dentures held in place by surrounding teeth
  • Fixed implant dental bridges
  • Dental implant dentures
  • Temporary dentures

Because we want the very best for our patients, we also proudly offer Fountain of Youth™ dentures that we an even attach to dental implants! These dentures offer many advantages over other options because they:

  • Fit and function better because they are fabricated using a “dynamic impression” of your muscles while they are in motion
  • Are more stable so they can be placed at a more natural position, which helps to prevent the “sunken in” dentures look
  • Are designed to more closely recreate the height of your natural teeth, which aids in oral function and helps preserve your youthful appearance

Our Dental Implant Dentures Process

If you’d like to ensure your dentures do not slip or move in your mouth, one sturdy option is dental implant dentures. So long as you have a strong, dense jawbone, you are likely a good candidate for dental implants.

Dental implants provide a strong foundation because they are placed under your gums where they literally fuse with your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. Not only does this keep your dentures snugly in place, it also provides up to 90 percent of the chewing power of your natural teeth!

To ensure your comfort during a dental implant procedure, we will numb the area before we begin. If you are anxious, we can also relieve your dental anxiety using dental sedation options!

If your jaw is not large enough for standard dental implants, we may be able to attach dentures to mini dental implants instead! These work just like their larger counterparts but do not require as much jawbone for placement.

Providing You With The Most Advanced Technology

To ensure your dentures procedure is precise and comfortable, our Fort Myers, FL or Naples, FL dentist office use state-of-the-art tools to design your tooth replacements, including:

  • Digital X-rays
  • 3D cone beam CT scans
  • Intraoral scanners

Dr. Hoop has been in private practice in the Fort Myers, FL area since 1991 and Naples, FL since 2000. He has invested in some of the most state-of-the-art dental technology ensures the safety of his patients by conforming to or exceeding all safety standards put forth by The American Dental Association and The Occupational Safety and Health Association.

Get your strong bite back with dentures options from George A. Hoop, DDS, PA. Call our Fort Myers, FL or Naples, FL office at 239-734-7737. You can also use our online form to schedule.

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Most people think that denture is a denture, not realizing that there are different options to choose from depending on the situation of the mouth. Learn more about the different denture options at George A. Hoop, DDS, PA - Get your strong bite back with dentures options from George A. Hoop, DDS, PA – call 239-734-7737. You can also visit our website to make an appointment. FOLLOW US: