Two Simple Solutions to Restore Your Smile

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More than 90 percent of Americans will have at least one during their lives, but cavities don’t have to spoil your smile.

With our restorative dentistry in Fort Myers and Naples, FL, your smile can keep looking great. Just as important, your teeth can function practically as well, too. Routine visits to either office of George A. Hoop, DDS, can help identify any potential decay sooner, which can make your treatment easier and less expensive.

Whether you are seeking to avoid cavities or need to treat one, call us today at 239-734-7737 to schedule your next dental appointment with us.

Fill Them In

As we noted above, cavities are a fairly common problem. A vast majority of people will get them. If you haven’t had one yet, well done, but just be aware that it can still happen.

If you do get a cavity, you may notice the tell-tale darkening of the tooth. If the decay is forming in a location that’s harder to see, you might notice increased sensitivity or pain when biting or chewing with a particular tooth. By seeking help at the first symptoms, you are more likely to be able to fix it with a tooth-colored dental filling.

These tooth fillings can be as beneficial as old metal fillings, but they have the added advantage of blending in with the rest of your smile. In other words, you can fix your cavity without anyone else needing to know that you had one.

This can seem like a small thing. Yet, we’ve spoken to many patients who felt just as self-conscious about having a gold or an amalgam (mercury combined with other metals) filling as they did about their cavity.

When you do get your tooth-colored filling, you’ll be glad that you can share your smile again. You’ll also be happy to know that you’ll be able to eat comfortably again as well.

Before we move on, we know some of you reading this already have metal fillings. When its time to replace that filling (because no filling is permanent), you can get a composite filling so you can have a natural-looking smile once again.

Get Your Own Crown

If you don’t notice a cavity in the early stages or put off getting it treated, then it’s possible a filling won’t be enough to fix your particular issue. The same can be true if you’ve had a filling replacement multiple times in the same tooth.

For a filling to be effective, you need a certain amount of your natural tooth to remain intact. If too much of your tooth has been affected, a dental crown is a much better option.

Modern porcelain crowns are made to look, feel, and function like a healthy natural tooth. In fact, when you get one of our crowns, other people are unlikely to know which of your teeth is “fake” unless you tell them yourself.

Bring Back Your Smile

If you are already dealing with decay, don’t delay in scheduling a visit with Dr. Hoop in Fort Myers or Naples. Call us at 239-734-7737 or contact us online today!

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