Try These Tips To Get Your Family To Drink More Water

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You’re probably aware that drinking enough water is a very important part of maintaining good overall health. But you may not know how important it is for maintaining the health and beauty of your smile. If you drink enough water, you’ll help rinse away some food and drink particles and enjoy other health perks.

Read on below to learn some strategies to encourage yourself and your loved ones to drink more water.

Drink Water Each Time You Return From The Restroom

One thing that helps a lot of people remember to drink water is to associate it with something that you already do, like going to the restroom.

Everyone is a little unique in the ideal amount of water they should drink, but on average, you should drink roughly eight eight-ounce cups of water each day. When you return from the restroom, swig down a cup each time you return.

Freeze Fruit In Ice Cubes For Flavor & Fun

A lot of people don’t drink enough water simply because they don’t think it has enough flavor. Try brightening up your beverage by freezing some blueberries, strawberry pieces, or some other fruits in your ice cubes. You can also forego the ice cubes entirely and just pop the frozen fruits in your drink as a substitute for ice cubes.

Set Water Drinking Goals

A lot of families enjoy a little friendly competition. Try challenging your loved ones to drink the recommended eight cups a day and see who reaches this goal first. You can also try setting personal goals for yourself, whether they be based on quantity or time or some other factor.

Pick A Favorite Reusable Water Bottle

You know how you have a favorite coffee mug at work and it just feels weird drinking out of a different one? You could develop a strong association with a water bottle as well. You can also try letting your kids pick out fun ones with a favorite animal or character on them to encourage them.

Add A Healthy Flavoring To Your Water

Obviously, you don’t want to take a healthy drink of water and pack it full of sugar and food colorings, but if someone in your family is particularly stubborn about not drinking water, try adding a sugar-free flavoring of some kind. Some patients have even gradually worked their way to drinking water straight after using a flavoring, then a fruit juice, then just water.

You know your family better than anyone. Try these tips above and try to come up with some of your own as well!

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