Tooth Removal Could Help Save A Smile

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If you have a bucket list, oral surgery is probably not on it.

No one wants to have surgery on their mouth, but sometimes it is needed for your long-term oral health. Tooth extractions are one of the most common types of oral surgery.

Should you or a loved one need a tooth removed, we have two locations in Fort Myers and Naples, FL that can help.

At the office of George A. Hoop, DDS, our focus is on saving teeth whenever possible. When tooth removal is in your best option, we will let you know. To schedule a consultation, call 239-734-7737 today.

When You Should Remove a Tooth

Tooth infections don’t usually happen overnight, so there often are opportunities to correct a problem before an extraction is needed.

Nevertheless, tooth decay can develop into a cavity. This can be fixed with a filling or crown, but many people will postpone dental care for a variety of reasons. (This includes dental anxiety, which we’ll be discussing in our next post.)

As the cavity grows, you run the risk of tooth infection. When this happens, we will first see if a root canal could be done to save what’s left of the healthy tooth. Many times this is all that is needed.

If the decay is too great, however, a root canal may not be enough to rescue the tooth. In those instances, your best choice would be to remove the infected tooth and to replace the tooth with an implant and a crown. This prevents the infection from spreading, and it restores the appearance and the function of your tooth.

Decay isn’t the only reason your tooth could become infected, however. An injury could cause a deep break. Biting down on something hard may cause a crack to form in a tooth. Either a break or crack could allow bacteria to get inside your tooth faster than a cavity.

Injuries, accidents, and teeth grinding may also weaken the tooth. This can make it unable to support a dental crown, which could be another reason to remove and replace it.

Crowding also can be a concern, especially for someone preparing for orthodontic treatment. In those situations, it may be better to remove one or more teeth before trying to straighten them. This can make your treatment less complicated and reduce the time needed to complete the treatment.

Protecting Your Smile

You deserve to have a healthy mouth. Dr. Hoop and the rest of our team are dedicated to helping you do this however we can.

Prevention is always the best approach. Daily brushing and flossing and regular professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup, which can lead to the kind of infections mentioned above. Wearing athletic mouthguards during practices and competitions also can reduce your risk of the kinds of severe injuries that could lead to teeth being taken out.

Even so, we are here in Southwest Florida to help if you need a tooth taken out. You can contact us online or call 239-734-7737 to request an appointment.

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