Small But Mighty Mini Implants Rebuild Smiles

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You’ve lived with dentures for years.

When you first got them, they were great … especially compared to having no teeth at all.

But today, you have grown tired of using denture adhesives just to eat a small meal. You are sick of worrying when your teeth with start sliding around again.

You want something better. You want teeth that feel stable and secure.

So, you should schedule a consultation with George A. Hoop, DDS, to discuss mini dental implants. At either office in Fort Myers or Naples, FL, you can get the help you need to rebuild your smile and bring back your bite.

To get started, call us today at 239-734-7737.

What Implants Do

Traditional dentures only replace the crowns of your lost teeth. They are missing something vital — a replacement for that missing roots. That’s precisely what dental implants do.

The problem is that the longer you live without implants, the more likely it is that you have lost tissue in your jawbone. As your jaw shrinks, it changes the shape of your face. That also affects how your dentures fit, which is why dentures need to be replaced or refitted regularly.

Having implants can do three important things. First, it can prevent further bone loss, which is a very good thing. Second, the implants anchor your dentures in place, so you won’t need adhesives to hold them in place.

And third, having implants creates a direct connection from your jawbone to your replacement teeth. That allows you to put more force into every bite and chew, which means you can eat the foods that you love without worrying that your teeth might come out.

Why You Might Prefer Mini Implants

It won’t surprise you to know that mini implants are like standard implants, only smaller.

One of the big reasons to consider mini implants is the bone loss that we mentioned above. If you are missing too much bone tissue, then your jaw won’t be able to support your implants.

The old way to fix this problem was by getting a bone graft. In effect, this is a bone tissue transplant meant to rebuild the size and strength of your jaw.

It also meant you were out the expense of the procedure, and you had to wait for months to heal before you could get implants.

Mini implants give many people a way to cut out that middle step and start enjoying their implant-supported dentures sooner. By going smaller, we can place your implants, and you can recover faster, too.

With your mini implants in place, you can stop continued bone loss, smile with confidence, and stop worrying about whether you can eat anything on the menu.

Get Back More Than Your Smile

For many patients, mini implants are just as effective as standard implants. Dr. Hoop has helped many people in and around Fort Myers and Naples, FL feel like themselves again thanks to mini implants.

To find out what they could do for you, schedule a consultation soon. Contact us online or call 239-734-7737.

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