Find the Right Option to Straighten Your Smile (quiz)

We have patients from teens to seniors who want to straight teeth. The good news is you are never too old to correct your smile! At our offices in Fort Myers and Naples, FL, we offer a variety of orthodontic options, so you can create the smile of your dreams. From traditional braces to practically invisible options, we are confident we can help you find the right treatment to fix your crooked ...

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Call Us Now For Relief From Dental Pain (video)

If you are suffering from oral pain, please call 239-734-7737 right away. As you will hear in the video below, our goal is to help end your pain as quickly as we can. George A. Hoop, DDS, understand that dental pain can interfere with your daily life. It’s why we make every effort to see patients who are in pain on the same day that the call our offices in Naples and Fort Myers, FL. ...

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5 Reasons to Give Thanks for Dental Implants

We hope you have all your teeth. We hope you keep all your teeth for your entire life. But if you should lose some teeth or you know someone who is missing teeth, then you need to learn about dental implants. In restorative dentistry, implants changed what was possible in the world of teeth replacements. With implant-support crowns, bridges, and dentures, your teeth replacements can be ...

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Dealing With Your Dental Anxiety

Halloween is almost here, and lots of people like to dress up as something scary to celebrate. If you one of them, you could be a ghoul. You could be a ghost or a goblin. But if you really want to scare some people, then you might want to dress as a dentist. Dental anxiety or fear of the dentist affects roughly 1 in 11 people in the United States, and that’s based on conservative ...

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Better Technology Means Better Oral Health (video)

Technology is constantly changing, and that’s as true in modern dentistry as it is any field. In the video below, George A. Hoop, DDS, discuss how technology is improving how we diagnose problems. Our CBCT X-ray machine allows us to see your teeth and mouth in three dimensions. This also helps when planning and preparing your treatment. In short, it means better dental care for you at ...

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Is It Time To Talk To Someone About TMJ? (quiz)

It may go without saying, but grinding your teeth together is not good for you. It can damage the enamel and cause cracks in your teeth. It also can contribute to TMJ troubles. Today, we’ve put together a short quiz. It can help you find out if you should talk to George A. Hoop, DDS, about our teeth grinding and TMJ treatment. We don’t want you to suffer … and we want you to keep ...

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Your Whole Family Deserves Healthy Smiles (video)

We consider ourselves to be a general dentist office serving the needs of families in and around Naples and Fort Myers, FL. To understand why families keep coming back to see us, we encourage to listen to one Bill I., a father and one of our patients, has to say about what we do. To learn more about our approach to family care at the offices of George A. Hoop, DDS, contact us online or call ...

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Small But Mighty Mini Implants Rebuild Smiles

You’ve lived with dentures for years. When you first got them, they were great … especially compared to having no teeth at all. But today, you have grown tired of using denture adhesives just to eat a small meal. You are sick of worrying when your teeth with start sliding around again. You want something better. You want teeth that feel stable and secure. So, you should schedule a ...

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Fill Your Cavities & Fix Your Smile, Too (video)

If you get a cavity — and there is a better than 90 percent chance that you will if you haven’t already — then you need to get a dental filling. At the offices of George A. Hoop, DDS, we only offer composite, tooth-colored fillings for our patients. Dr. Hoop explains in the video below why he hasn’t offered metal amalgam fillings for at least 15 years. Don’t leave with tooth ...

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Please Make Preventive Dental Care A Priority

Great smiles don’t just happen. Even if you were one of the fortunate people who naturally have straight teeth and a winning smile, there are many ways you can lose it. Cavities and gum disease can cause unsightly tooth loss. Injuries and accidents can cause teeth to break, chip, crack, and fall out, too. It’s the reason you need to develop a good and consistent oral care routine. That ...

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Watch For The Signs Of Gum Disease (infographic)

This month, our blogs have focused on periodontal disease. Today, we want to share the signs and symptoms you should be watching for. Knowing them will help you know whether you should ...

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Choose The Right Place To Treat Periodontal Problems (video)

John has a family history of periodontal problems, which is why he was happy to find the office or George A. Hoop, DDS. Dr. Hoop is a general dentist today, but he has a background as a ...

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