Keep Smiling After A Dental Emergency (video)

Erleene was afraid that she was going to lose all of her teeth. She’d suffered a serious fall and injured her mouth. She was having a dental emergency. And she’s glad she turned to the team at the office of George A. Hoop, DDS, for help. In the video below, she describes her experience, from helping her feel relaxed and physically comfortable to fully restoring her smile. We hope you ...

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Your Life Doesn’t Need To Be A Daily Grind

You’ve been looking forward to this all week. You love a good brunch, and you haven’t been able to enjoy one for a while. It’s wasn’t that long ago that eating almost anything — fried chicken, steak, vegetables — would leave your jaw feeling sore midway through your meal. It’s a good thing you decided to do something about it. You went to seen George A. Hoop, DDS. He was able ...

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Watch For The Signs Of Gum Disease (infographic)

This month, our blogs have focused on periodontal disease. Today, we want to share the signs and symptoms you should be watching for. Knowing them will help you know whether you should contact George A. Hoop, DDS, about our gum disease treatments. Take a moment to review our infographic below. Then contact our offices in Naples or Fort Myers, FL to make an appointment. Whether you want to ...

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Choose The Right Place To Treat Periodontal Problems (video)

John has a family history of periodontal problems, which is why he was happy to find the office or George A. Hoop, DDS. Dr. Hoop is a general dentist today, but he has a background as a periodontist, which makes him highly qualified to treat gum health. In the video below, John explains why he finds Dr. Hoop’s approach to treating periodontal issues better than other dentists he’s visited ...

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Be In The Know About Periodontal Disease

You like looking at your healthy smile. Sure your teeth look great, but you should be checking out your gums as well. Are they pink in color? Do they feel firm to the touch? Those are signs of healthy gum tissues, which is also important for keeping your teeth where you want them to be — in your mouth. George A. Hoop, DDS wants you to maintain your healthy gums, although we do offer ...

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Two Simple Solutions to Restore Your Smile

More than 90 percent of Americans will have at least one during their lives, but cavities don’t have to spoil your smile. With our restorative dentistry in Fort Myers and Naples, FL, your smile can keep looking great. Just as important, your teeth can function practically as well, too. Routine visits to either office of George A. Hoop, DDS, can help identify any potential decay sooner, which ...

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Straighten Your Smile In Less Time At Our Office (video)

Rob was ready to do something about his crooked smile, so he talked to our dentist, George A. Hoop, DDS, about what could be done. Rob learned about a treatment that takes a fraction of the time of traditional orthodontics, but still gave him the beautiful smile he wanted. Six Month Smiles offers a new approach to straighter teeth. “I’m very happy about it,” Rob says in the video ...

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4 Reasons to Be Thankful for Dental Care (infographic)

In the spirit of the holiday season, we want to share some of the reasons we are grateful for what we do. As dental professionals, we are blessed to be able to spend our days helping people. Giving someone a new reason to smile makes our day, and it gives us a good feeling to help someone improve their health. For all your general dental care needs, don’t hesitate to visit Georg A. Hoop, ...

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Get Back & Keep Your Healthy Mouth (video)

To follow up on our previous post on flossing, we want to share the story of Craig. He explains in the video below that he didn’t have the healthiest gums when he visited us. We helped him replace some teeth with dental implants. Since then he has had regular cleanings at the practice of George A. Hoop, DDS, and his gums are as healthy as they’ve ever been. To replace your lost teeth, ...

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Healthy Gums Benefit from Regular Flossing

With all the delicious food that we eat during the holidays, it’s is a good time to remind ourselves that it’s important to clean between our teeth, too. Flossing is a great way to reduce your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. We also want you to know that if you do develop a periodontal infection, George A. Hoop, DDS, is more than qualified to help. Before deciding to focus on ...

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Let Your Smile Shine With Teeth Whitening (infographic)

Summer means bright sunshine, so why not brighten your smile to match? Professional teeth whitening has helped many of our patients remove deep stains from their teeth. You can get this ...

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Boost Your Smile With Full-Mouth Reconstruction (video)

In about a year and a half, Bob completely rebuilt his smile with full-mouth reconstruction with the help of George A. Hoop, DDS. Bob admits that he was self-conscious about his smile ...

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