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Your dentures seemed great when you first got them, but now they may seem more frustrating than they are helpful.

When you speak, you sometimes make this strange whistling noise. At other times your “teeth” come loose and cause you to slur the words you’re trying to say.

You’ve also noticed that your dentures don’t fit as well as they once did. The way they rub your mouth can irritate your gums. It may even be painful.

And don’t get us started on eating. You’ve tried using denture adhesives, but even with that, you can’t eat as well as you once could. Many people just give up trying to eat foods they love because they are now too difficult to bite or chew.

George A. Hoop, DDS, has a solution that could end your frustration. Mini implants can make your dentures more secure and more stable. With mini implants for your dentures, you could eat anything you want and enjoy your meals, too!

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No More Loose Dentures

Loose dentures are going to happen. If not today, then tomorrow.

The reason why is you don’t have anything to anchor your dentures in place. Your dentures are resting over your gums, which means they are resting on a wet, slippery surface.

Traditional dentures can be a good cosmetic replaces for the crowns of your missing teeth. They don’t replace the roots, and that’s a big source of the complaints we have heard from many long-time denture wearers.

Without roots or implants (which replace the roots of missing teeth), your jawbone is not feeling any pressure when you bite and chew. Without pressure, your jawbone does not make enough new bone tissue. And without new bone tissue, your jaw will get smaller and smaller.

That changes how your dentures fit in your mouth, which is why the fit gets worse over time. A bad fit leaves you with loose, irritating dentures.

By getting mini implants, you restore that connection between your dentures and your jaw. This can prevent the kind of bone loss that causes problems when you have dentures alone.

Mini implants are smaller than standard implants, but they can provide the same benefits. They also reduce your recovery time (due to their smaller size). Minis also can save you the expense of bone graft.

This is a bone tissue transplant to help rebuild a jaw that may not have enough bone left to support a full-sized implant. This also adds to the time it takes to get implant-supported dentures.

No More Denture Adhesives

Adhesives will provide some temporary benefits during a meal. Only the other hand, adhesives can have a distinctive aftertaste that can change the flavor of your food.

Even so, adhesives are not doing anything to prevent bone loss in your jaw. That’s why you need more and more adhesive. It’s also why the adhesive becomes less and less effective over time.

When you have mini implants to hold your dentures in position, you won’t need adhesives for any reason. You can trust that your “teeth” will stay where they should. You eat what you want comfortably and enjoy real flavors again.

Quit Suffering from Slippery Dentures

Dentures wearers don’t have to suffer any longer. Dr. Hoop can help you get mini dental implants and give you security, stability, and strength that you may not have realized ways possible.

Mini implants may be small, but they provide full-sized benefits. You can learn more by contacting us online or by calling 239-734-7737 to set up an appointment at either our Fort Myers or Naples, FL location.

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