How To End The Painful Cycle of Stress & TMJ [BLOG]

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What happens when you combine daily stress and chronic pain?

More stress and more pain.

That’s exactly what can happen when problems with your temporomandibular joint go unchecked!

When you’re already feeling the effects of this malfunction in your joint, stress can pile on and make the problem worse.

But help isn’t far to find!

Our team at George A. Hoop, DDS can help you find relief with our TMJ disorder solutions in Fort Myers, FL!

Today, we’re telling you more about the cycle that’s created with TMJ disorder and stress and how we can help you end it for good.

What Causes The Pain Of TMJ

Because most of the joints throughout your body are in near constant motion, it’s so easy to take their proper function for granted.

One of the most overused joints in your body is your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, which is located below the ears. It’s used to open and close your mouth.

That means chewing, yawning, swallowing, speaking, laughing, coughing… all these mundane tasks are assigned to this critical joint. Naturally, when something goes wrong with your TMJ, you’re going to suffer the painful impact all day long because of how much you rely on it.

Here are a few of the typical symptoms of TMJ disorder, or TMD, that you might experience:

*Earache pain

*Tension in your shoulders and upper back

*Pain in your jaw and neck


*Crackling or popping noises when you eat

*Frequent headaches

Think this list is bad?

We haven’t even begun! That’s because all these can be made much worse when you pile on stress to your TMJ problem.

The Role Stress Plays On Your TMJ Pain

Think about the ways your body reacts to stress.

Whether it’s a sudden, momentary stressful situation or a more chronic stress tied to your daily responsibilities and circumstances, you’ll see physical signs of that stress throughout your body.

One of the most common sign is tension.

So imagine yourself tensing up, often without you even realizing it and try to identify where on your body that tension is happening.

That’s right! In the neck, shoulders, back, and jaw.

It’s where most people carry tension, which means that tightening up the muscles in those areas are going to only intensify the pain you already had because of TMJ.

It also means that in times of stress, you might find yourself even clenching up your jaw and grinding your teeth. This not only makes your TMJ pain worse, but it can threaten to wear down or even damage your teeth.

This is how the cycle is created between stress and TMJ disorder!

*You’re uncomfortable and tense and in pain because of TMJ misalignment.

*All that pain and discomfort causes stress.

*That stress causes you, whether wittingly or unwittingly, to double down on the tension in your jaw, which causes more pain.

*And the cycle continues day in and day out.

How You Can End The Painful Cycle Of Stress & TMJ

To disrupt this painful pattern of pain, stress, and more pain, you need help from the right team of skilled professionals.

Dr. Hoop has years of training and experience with administering solutions for TMJ sufferers in the Fort Myers, FL area.

He and our team know what chronic pain and stress can do to your health, your smile, and your state of mind, which is why we can provide you with a custom oral appliance to help you find relief.

The object with a mouthguard or a splint that’s especially made to fit you, your upper and lower teeth will be shifted to a place of better alignment so you can alleviate the undue stress on your jaw joint, get out of pain, and allow your jaw to heal properly.

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With Dr. Hoop and our team, you can live without the pain and discomfort of TMJ and get out of the pattern of worsening symptoms brought on by stress.

Our solutions can help you find relief and allow your jaw to heal so your smile and your sanity remain intact!

Call our Fort Myers, FL dental office today at 239-734-7737 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.


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