Get Mini Dental Implants To Replace Teeth Even If Your Jawbone Is Thin

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If you want to replace your severely damaged or missing teeth with dental implants but you’ve been told your jawbone is too thin to support them, call George A. Hoop, DDS at 239-734-7737 to find out if mini dental implants are a good option for you!

We offer many options for restorative dentistry and so much more at both our Fort Myers, FL and our Naples, FL locations. Whether you need to replace a single tooth or get a full-mouth reconstruction, we can help you restore your smile to its former glory!

If you are interested in getting implants to replace some of your teeth but are not yet sure if you want to follow through with treatment, visit us for a free consultation. You can ask any questions you have and hear the basics about this treatment in order to make a more informed decision.

Depending on the policy you have, there’s a good chance that dental insurance will not cover the cost of dental implants, but we accept a variety of payment options so you can still get the treatments you want. We even have a Direct Dental Savings Plan that you can enroll in and get 20 percent off of implants as well as discounts on many other treatments.

Learn Your Mini Dental Implants Options & Their Perks

Maybe you knocked out a single tooth during a freak accident. Or perhaps you’ve had oral health troubles for years and you finally want to make a big change and do something about it. No matter your particular case, we can find a restorative treatment that will work for you. We offer a few options for restoring mini implants, including:

  • Dental crowns – these are used to replace individual missing teeth
  • Dental bridges – if you have multiple adjacent missing teeth, this could be a good option for you
  • Dentures – patients who need to replace all the teeth in their upper or lower jaw or both should definitely consider this great option

All of the restorative treatments we offer look and work great, but as far as tooth replacement options go, perhaps the closest thing to your natural teeth is dental implants. And because mini implants work just like traditionally sized ones, they offer all the same perks but in a smaller package. Our patients love dental implants because they:

  • Do not require any preparation of your healthy teeth that still surround your damaged or missing teeth
  • Are extremely convincing in the way they look, work, and feel
  • Can last a very long time – maybe even the rest of your life – if cared for properly
  • Do not restrict your diet or require any changes in your oral hygiene habits
  • Can restore the vast majority of the chewing power of your natural teeth (up to 90 percent)
  • Help to prevent jawbone deterioration so you won’t risk a “sunken in” look

Many patients are told that they cannot get a dental implant because their jawbone is too thin or weak. But mini implants can often be an option for these same patients. Don’t assume you can’t get implants before checking with us!

Even if you’ve been told that your jawbone is too thin for certain restorative treatments, visit Dr. George A. Hoop, DDS to find out if mini dental implants could be a great alternative for you. Call 239-734-7737 or fill out our online form to book with us.

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