Facing The Dental Veneers Decision [BLOG]

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To make an important decision, you always look at the advantages and disadvantages of a particular option before you make a final choice.

So like anything else, you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of your cosmetic dentistry options before you know which one is right for you.

That’s what our team at George A. Hoop, DDS is helping you do with today’s blog!

When it comes to imperfections that plague your smile over the years, such as chips, cracks, and stains, our Ft. Myers, FL patients have never been disappointed with dental veneers!

We’re taking a closer look at facing the dental veneers decision and what to consider when trying to determine if they’re the cosmetic solution for your smile.

Facing The Dental Veneers Decision

Veneers will be found under the cosmetic treatment list of options at the dentist office.

Yet despite that, dental veneers are also restorative in how they cover and protect troubled teeth from bacterial infection and other potential oral health threats.

Crafted from some of the finest materials, modern veneers are made to look just like real tooth enamel so your smile will look natural and beautiful at the same time!

Although the process to get dental veneers takes time, it’s one of those treatments that, upon completion, will render immediate transformative results in how you look and feel!

Reasons To Favor Dental Veneers

It’s tough to narrow down the reasons to favor dental veneers as a cosmetic solution for your smile flaws!

But typically, people appreciate some of these common perks:

*Veneers Will Stay White & Bright*

Your veneers will hide your current teeth stains from years of coffee, tea, and red wine, and they’ll resist stains from foods and drinks down the road. You’ll enjoy a bright white smile for many years!

*Veneers Are Durable*

As delicate and thin as they are, you wouldn’t think veneers would be so strong and durable! Yet, that’s one of the great advantages because not only do they hide so many flaws on your teeth, they protect them from damage in the future.

*Veneers Don’t Require Lots Of Care*

You don’t have to change up your daily routine when you opt for veneers because they can be cleaned with normal brushing and flossing. No special dental tools or products required here!

*Veneers Mask Embarrassing Flaws*

If multiple flaws have worn your smile’s youthful beauty, veneers are like a miracle for your teeth!

They can mask unsightly problems like:

-Crooked teeth


-Gaps between teeth

-Chips and cracks

-Surface ridges on your enamel

-Uneven, worn, or pointy teeth

Given the number of problems veneers can hide, they’re considered one of the most versatile smile solutions in modern dentistry.

Reasons To Fear Dental Veneers

First, let’s be clear.

There’s really nothing at all to ‘fear’ about getting dental veneers, especially when you put them in the hands of Dr. Hoop and our team!

What we really mean here is that there are certain things about veneers that some may see as a reason to consider other cosmetic alternatives.

For example, if you’re not comfortable with the thought of maintaining the whiteness of your teeth that don’t have veneers, you may want to reconsider.

While your dental veneers will stay bright and resist staining, your other teeth won’t, so you’d have to think about how to maintain a seamlessly white smile as you wear them.

Dental veneers are also irreversible because some modification of your own tooth enamel will need to be done before their placed to maximize the adhesion and the most natural fit.

Outside of that, it’s really just a matter of knowing how to avoid potential damage through risky habits like chewing on ice cubes or pens and the like. Veneers are incredibly strong, but those types of behaviors aren’t good for your teeth in general, so it’s something to be aware of going in.

Ultimately, The Choice Is Yours To Make

We’re talking about a very important decision, one that can’t be made after reading today’s blog. We just wanted to give you some insight into the general pros and cons patients tend to wrestle with when thinking about dental veneers for their smile.

Ultimately, it’s a choice you have to make for yourself based on your specific situation. But you’re not alone!

Dr. Hoop and our experienced team are here to support you in your decision so you can make the choice you’re most comfortable with and one that will give you the smile you want.

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When you trust our team at George A. Hoop, DDS with your new smile, you have nothing to fear at all.

That’s because we have the skills, training, and technology to design the best vision and treatment plan that will lead to your desired results for a new smile.

Dental veneers are powerful and transformative, but you have many other cosmetic options in our Fort Myers, FL dental office. We’ll help you find the best one for you!

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