6 Ways To Avoid Oral Surgery This Summer! [BLOG]

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You’re looking forward to the new summer season and all the exciting plans you have lined up.

Your friend from college is getting married in a couple of months, you have a long-awaited vacation coming up, and you plan to spend some time splashing around at the beach with family and friends.

Oh, and you really hope to squeeze in an oral surgery in there somewhere!

…Said no person, ever!

Oral surgery at George A. Hoop, DDS in Fort Myers, FL is nothing to fear, of course. In fact, we rely on oral surgery to ensure your mouth stays healthy.

But all of us would like to avoid it if we could, especially in the midst of your busy summer.

Today, we’re hoping to help you avoid oral surgery with some helpful dental health tips!

6 Ways To Avoid Oral Surgery This Summer!

You can have a healthy, fun summer free of dental problems that might land you in the dentist office for oral surgery.

All you need to do is follow these six tips!

#1 – Visit Your Fort Myers, FL Dentist!

You need a great dentist on your team if you want to keep your smile healthy and strong.

That’s what you get when you choose our team at George A. Hoop, DDS!

When we see you for twice annual dental check-ups, we’re able to deep clean those hard-to-reach places inside your mouth and remove hardened plaque that can lead to gum disease.

We also use the latest in dental technology to detect early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other threats to your oral health so we can treat it right away in our Fort Myers, FL dental office.

#2 – Don’t Forget To Brush & Floss!

One of the reasons you might need oral surgery is because a damaged or infected tooth has to be removed.

The greatest threat to your teeth and gums that can lead to damage and infection is the bad bacteria in your mouth. They are always lurking, waiting to devour the sweet food particles that get lodged between your teeth after you eat and drink.

The solution is to keep your mouth clean everyday according to the recommendations set by the American Dental Association:

*Brushing twice a day with a soft-bristle toothbrush

*Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride

*Floss every single day

*Stay well-hydrated to avoid dry mouth

#3 – Protect Your Teeth With An Athletic Mouthguard!

This would seem like a no-brainer, yet studies indicate that so many athletes admit to not wearing an athletic mouthguard when they’re practicing or playing a sport.

Even if you’re not required by your school, team, or organization to wear one, a custom-fitted athletic mouthguard from Dr. Hoop in Fort Myers, FL is the best, most effective protection against sports-related oral injuries.

#4 – Don’t Neglect Your Overall Health!

It’s important to take good care of yourself because your overall health is a factor in strong teeth and gums.

That means eating the right kind of foods that are loaded with bone-building nutrients. It means drinking plenty of water to encourage bacteria-fighting saliva production in your mouth.

And it means staying active and finding ways to keep stress to a minimum.

All of these lifestyle forces are at play when it comes to achieving and maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile!

#5 – Don’t Avoid Dental Treatment!

You have a small cavity and tell yourself you’ll make an appointment to get it filled later.

Or you have a crack in your tooth that looks like it might be getting bigger, but your tooth still feels pretty strong, so it’s okay.

This kind of “wait and see” approach is counterproductive to good oral health and a pretty smile! Like all problems, ignoring problems with your teeth and gums will only lead to bigger problems until you get them taken care of.

That’s why you never want to put off dental treatment. Doing so could land you in the dentist office for emergency treatment or oral surgery that you could’ve possibly avoided!

#6 – Don’t Put Off Tooth Replacement!

Losing a tooth may seem like no big deal, especially if the large empty space left behind is somewhere in the back and out of sight.

That’s not the case, though. A single tooth lost as an adult will only result in more tooth loss as time goes by.

That’s because the empty space is an open invitation for bacteria to get inside your mouth, which will cause your jawbone and surrounding gum tissue to deteriorate. Without the healthy bone mass and gum tissue to support the neighboring teeth, they’ll loosen and fall out one by one.

We offer a variety of tooth replacement options, including several types of dental implant solutions, so your smile can stay its healthiest!

Make An Appointment

Okay, time to get real!

Let’s say you do everything right and still wind up needing oral surgery. Then what?

First, you schedule your procedure with Dr. Hoop in our Fort Myers, FL dental office.

That way you can be confident in the quality of care you’ll receive in our capable, caring hands.

Then, you follow Dr. Hoop’s pre and post-op instructions for a smooth recovery and fast healing. With our help, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding oral surgery this summer, and if your smile needs surgery to stay healthy, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place!

Call George A. Hoop, DDS today at 239-734-7737 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.


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