5 Things You Gain From Dental Implants

Losing a tooth or missing a tooth can be traumatizing. This major change can take a toll on your social and personal life.  At George A. Hoop, DDS, we understand the hassles and frustrations that come with having missing teeth, and we’re constantly looking for new and exciting ways to fix your smile. That means offering durable restorations that will restore your mouth so you can eat whatever you want and look great again!

Today I have some information about what you can gain from dental implants at our Naples FL dental office or our Fort Myers FL dental office.

Dental implants have become the most popular option in America for replacing missing teeth. Dentists have used bridges and dentures for literally hundreds of years. The materials have evolved over the years, but the basic concept has stayed the same. But today, losing a tooth or many teeth no longer means that you’ll need dentures or extensive bridgework. Dental implants are the NEW WAY to replace missing or failing teeth.

Here are five things you can gain from having dental implants in our office!

1. Eat Whatever You Want Again With Dental implants!

“I hate my denture because I can’t eat what I want.” This is main complaint for people who wear dentures.

Dentures rest on the gum line. No matter how great the dentures look, it’s impossible for traditional dentures to match the power of your natural teeth. Many studies show us that dentures only match the power of your natural teeth by about 25 to 50 percent. And the longer you wear the denture, the more the biting power fades away — due to bone regression. With less biting force, you have to eliminate many foods from your diet. Denture wearers struggle eating hard foods like apples or even steak. Dental implants nearly match the power of your natural teeth, so you’ll be able to eat whatever you’d like.

We can place dental implants for patients who have a single missing tooth or to stabilize your replacement teeth. If you have no remaining teeth and rely on dentures, we can place a few implants around the mouth to stabilize your denture. We can also fit a implant-supported bridge if you have a section of missing teeth in your mouth.

2. Our Dental Implants Preserve the Jawbone

Whenever the teeth are lost, you’ll start to experience other changes in the mouth as well. The jawbone will begin to recede in the location of the missing teeth. Most people don’t know this until after the teeth are gone. Jawbone deterioration can happen within a few months of losing the teeth, and the jaw will continue to erode with time. Some patients experience a large amount of jawbone loss shortly after the teeth are lost, while others see a more gradual change.

Dental implants stop jawbone recession in its tracks. Our implants are made from titanium, which is biocompatible and actually fuses with your jawbone after they are placed with oral surgery. So, as the implant heals, it literally becomes part of your body. It’s as if we have placed a new root into the jawbone.

3. There is More Than One Type of Dental Implant

Dental implants first came into dentistry a few decades ago. The most common form of dental implant is now the root-form implant. Our office is offering traditional root-form dental implants and mini dental implants. The difference between the two implants is the size. We mentioned jawbone recession above. Some people have such severe jawbone recession that they are not candidates for regular dental implants.

We can build up the jawbone with bone grafting, but not everyone wants to go through such an extensive procedure. The mini dental implants are smaller in size and can be placed for patients with jawbone recession. Then, just like traditional implants, the mini dental implants hold the restoration in place so you can eat whatever you’d like.

4. Dental implant placement is a highly successful procedure

Dental implant placement is oral surgery, but don’t let that one fact scare you off. This treatment has been highly perfected over the years. Today we can place dental implants with about a 98 percent success rate. A few things help us in effectively placing your implants. For one, we make sure the treatment is correct for you. Are you in good enough health? Do you have enough jawbone to support the implant? These are all questions we ask before your treatment.

Our offices are also using 3-D imaging to find the best placement for the implant.

5. You Can Use Our Discount Dental Saving Plan for Your Implants

Instead of dealing with the hassle of dental insurance companies, you can buy a plan directly from us. It’s our own Direct Dental Savings Plan, and it’s ideal for patients of all ages and dental complications. You can purchase the plan for just for $420 a year!

The plan does NOT have:

  • Maximum annual limits
  • Deductible payments
  • Waiting periods
  • Treatment exclusions

As part of the dental plan, you can save 20 percent on your dental implant services.

George A. Hoop, DDS helps people all the time dealing with missing teeth. Dental implants can absolutely change your life. You won’t have to worry about your dentures sliding around, and you can eat whatever you want.

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